Frequently asked questions

What is Gongfu?

The term describes a traditional Chinese tea ceremony that focuses on the proper preparation and appreciation of tea. Loosely translated as “with great skill”, Gongfu treats the steeping and handling of the leaves as both an art and a science. The goal is to maxamize flavor and aroma so that the finer aspects of the tea can be experienced and enjoyed. Gongfu has become the adopted standard method of preparation for the modern tea connoissuer. Never done it before? Not to worry! We would be happy to teach you the process.

Where does your tea come from?

Our tea comes from all over the world. We stock teas from various regions in China, India, Nepal, Japan and Africa, to name a few. Stop by and we'll show you the incredible differences between them all.

Do you have any teas without caffeine?

While all tea contains caffeine, we stock a number of herbal blends and tisanes that do not.

How do you sell your tea?

All of our teas are sold by the ounce. For online orders, the minimum amount is 2 oz. You can also stop in and have tea with us Gongfu style, or take it to go.