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Our Story

Traders of Fine Tea 

Our love for tea may be only a few years old but our passion for quality products and the best in the business goes back to 2014 and before. My wife started making high quality bath and body products in our kitchen in 2013, specializing in herbal products. Me being more interested in the herbs used in the products than the products themselves led to the love of tea.


It was a personal obsession at first. I spent hours researching and studying different types of tea, growing locations, processing techniques and so on—something I continue to do to this day. 


At Simple Teas we are focused on bringing you the best tea drinking experience possible. For our specialty teas we do not use stateside wholesalers, but rather take the time and effort to meet and verify each supplier in person when possible, bringing you only the highest quality product possible.


If tea is your passion come see us in person or check out our website. 

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